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Fredericton Chiropractor : Dr. Scott Brayall

Watching what my mom went through is the reason I chose a Chiropractic career.

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Dr. Scott Brayall

Why I Chose Chiropractic

I’ve always been interested in providing some form of health care to the public. However, Chiropractic wasn’t even in my thoughts when I graduated from high school. I was two years into my Respiratory Therapy degree in Ottawa when I received a call that my mother had been in a serious car accident. In the following months, my mother had tried almost every form of health care, searching for some relief from her symptoms. Yet, without fail, she still experienced chronic neck pain, fatigue and a decreased appetite, which greatly affected her quality of life. This is when she decided to try chiropractic. The changes I saw in my mother after being under chiropractic care were simply astonishing. I remember this next part of my path towards chiropractic like it was yesterday. I called home from Ottawa and told my parents that I had decided to change my career path, and that I wanted to do something that would truly make a vast difference in people’s lives; I wanted to become a chiropractor.


I completed my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree at the University of New Brunswick here in Fredericton in 2014. During my time at UNB I took a particular interest in my human physiology, exercise physiology and human biomechanics classes. This fascination solidified my drive towards chiropractic, and fueled my interest in human biomechanics. After graduating from my BSc.Kin, I decided to complete my Doctorate in Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College. Here, I underwent three years and three months of intensive studying, and clinical hours, without any summer breaks.

About Dr. Scott

I’ve always really enjoyed being healthy and active from the time I was a child. I’ve always loved playing sports, and spent a large portion of my youth playing hockey and soccer at a competitive level. Most recently I have developed a passion for cycling, and am anxious to see where that passion may take me. Throughout my life and education, a reoccurring theme has presented itself to me time and time again: A healthy body is one that moves well, and moves frequently. This theme has followed me into my career as well. I have come to notice that I move more effectively, and with less pain when I am well adjusted, compared to when I was not being adjusted at all. My hope for the future is to help others to come to this same realization, and to grow a sense of full body wellness among my patients, and the public.

I look forward to meeting you and your family in person. Contact our office, or email me and let’s get you started on the path to wellness. Once you make the commitment, I promise to be as committed to you in your quest for health as I am to my own family.

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