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Fredericton Chiropractor : Dr. Shelley Quinlan

I often say that I didn’t choose chiropractic, but that chiropractic chose me.

Fredericton Chiropractor, Dr. Shelley Quinlan

Dr. Shelley Quinlan

Welcome! First of all, let me say thank you for visiting our website to learn more about chiropractic. Now if you will indulge me, please allow me to share some of the details that have brought me to where I am today.

I have been a doctor of chiropractic for more than ten wonderful years. Being a chiropractor in today’s world, where people are seeking drug-free and results-oriented health care, is very exciting and rewarding.

Why I Chose Chiropractic

Many of the chiropractors I know became chiropractors because they had been to a chiropractor at some point in their life, and it had drastically improved their lives in some way – they had experienced a “miracle”. I kind of did it backwards! I knew very little about chiropractic when I started out. Sound strange? Allow me to explain.

My mom had visited a chiropractor and was so impressed that she urged me to apply to chiropractic school. My mom had suffered for years, and she inevitably found her “miracle” inside a chiropractic office. At the time, I was finishing my third year of a Biochemistry degree at Mount Allison University. Still undecided about my future career path, but knowing that I wanted to go into the healthcare field, I was intrigued with my mom’s story (especially with her results!). I suppose this started my fascination into the profession called “chiropractic”, and I found myself applying to the chiropractic school in Toronto that very year. A few months later I received an acceptance letter in the mail! In September of 1996, I packed my bags and moved to the big city of Toronto, which I would call home for the next four “intense” years.


Do you believe in destiny? I do. I often say that I didn’t choose chiropractic, but that chiropractic chose me. I spent the next four years studying at The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. It was a difficult, but an enlightening, four years. I found it fascinating learning about anatomy, neuroananomy, physiology and adjusting techniques. But learning about the healing power of the body and how, as chiropractors, we help support this healing by removing nerve interference was more than I could have imagined! How had I never known about this before! It was so logical, so simple. It made so much sense to me and I got excited!

Practice Philosophy

Today you will find that I am very confident and very passionate about the chiropractic aspect of optimal health. The chiropractic lifestyle, according to our clinic, can be summed up as “Be Fit, Eat Right, Think Well and Get Adjusted”. Choosing to become a doctor of chiropractic, though I didn’t know it at the time, was my “miracle”. Choosing a profession that aligned so perfectly with my philosophy and values on health and wellness is truly one of the greatest miracles of my life (after finding my soul mate husband and bringing three beautiful and healthy children into the world!). I have always known that exercise and eating right is essential for the body to be healthy. I have always innately known that health and healing comes from within – and not from a pill or a vaccine – and the better we treat our bodies, the better our bodies will treat us. At chiropractic school, I came to know and experience that the chiropractic adjustment helps keep your nervous system functioning optimally. And why is that important? Because your nervous system controls EVERY single cell and system in your body.

About Dr. Quinlan

Dr. Quinlan's Children

Dr. Quinlan’s Children

How I live my life, according to my philosophy on health and wellness, has become even more important to me in the last 6 years – when I started a family of my own. There is nothing more important and dear to me than my family – their happiness and their health. For that reason, I have always made it a priority to have my family benefit from the chiropractic lifestyle. My husband, Andy, and I have three wonderful, and “well adjusted” kids; Alexandra, Gabriel and baby Noah. They have all received chiropractic on a regular basis since they were born! I hope as you learn more about chiropractic you will see the benefit of having not only your nervous system checked, but that of your children as well.

I try to live the chiropractic lifestyle as much as I can. I encourage everybody I know and love to do the same. Why? Because it makes you feel better. It improves the quality of your life. It adds years to your life and life to your years. Sound good? Trying to “Be Fit, Eat Right, Think Well and Get Adjusted” on a regular basis is not easy. If it was, everybody would do it. And if everybody was doing it, chronic preventable illness (obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes…) wouldn’t be affecting 80% of our population! It’s not easy – but it’s worth it. Start small with baby steps and if you fall, pick yourself up and start again. I do. It’s not about perfection, it’s about making small sprints and before you know it you – maybe you can run that marathon after all!

I am grateful that chiropractic chose me. And I am grateful that I may, in the future, have the opportunity to help teach you about the chiropractic lifestyle and how it can help you achieve your health and wellness goals! It would be my greatest honor to serve you in that capacity. Watching and allowing people to discover the true healing potential that resides within each of us is amazing. I wish that for you and for your family.

I look forward to meeting you and your family in person. Contact our office, or email me and let’s get you started on the path to wellness. Once you make the commitment, I promise to be as committed to you in your quest for health as I am to my own family.

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