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Fredericton Family Chiropractic Fee Schedule

 Children Under 12
Initial Exam & Nervous System Scan (first visit) $100 $90
Group Report of Findings & 1st Adjustment (second visit) $60 $50
Individual Report of Findings & 2nd Adjustment (third visit) $60 $50
Regular Chiropractic Visits/Adjustments (all visits after third visit, except for Re-Evaluations or Re-Examinations) $45 $35
Re-Evaluation (includes Re-Scan) $60 $50
Re-Examination (inactive over 2 years) $85 $65
Please Note:
We offer annual chiropractic wellness plans and family plans that can assist with monthly budgeting. Pre-pay and installment plans are available which offer 10-20% savings on your chiropractic care investment.

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